Airvital Provides Air Quality You Deserve

Airvital was established with the concern about air pollution, which is a significant environmental risk to our health security worldwide. In recent years, many of us are concerned with the air quality that we breathe as we go out. You might have heard that smog and pollution outside can aggravate respiratory issues and trigger health problems. However, the air inside your home or business is as equally important as the air outside.

We are aware that you care about the health and wellbeing of everyone in your home or office. We work enthusiastically to meet the needs for indoor air quality improvement for commercial and residential customers. Our appliances are currently available in Belgium and the Netherlands. However, we are planning to reach more countries in the near future to provide more people with the air quality they deserve.

Our company started with small measuring devices which had a significant impact on indoor air quality. Currently, we are specializing in producing major indoor air quality appliances such as air purifiers and air humidifiers.

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CO2 Monitor with Temperature and Humidity

With a CO2 meter, you measure carbon dioxide. Too much carbon dioxide in the air can create headaches, make you sleepy, and lessen productivity.

The more people in the room, the quicker the carbon dioxide will rise.

Carbon dioxide monitors can be used in classrooms, care homes, offices, or even at home.

Our carbon dioxide meter displays the current levels in green, yellow, and red for good visibility.

CO2 Monitor for Wall-Mounting

This CO2 monitor is suited for bigger spaces where a bigger display is needed. The product measures 40cm by 30cm. The display shows Carbon Dioxide, relative humidity, temperature, and a CO2 indication.

This sensor has been imported from Sweden and uses a self-calibrating algorithm. There is an option to add a sound alarm for Carbon Dioxide measurements.

Fine Dust PM2.5 Monitor

This fine dust monitor detects PM2.5 fine dust particles. This is essential, especially if there are wildfires or industries nearby.

The device has a battery time of two hours, that way you can take measurements on the move. The sensor has a color indication according to the European healthy air guidelines.

Air Purifier

This air purifier has a CADR of 210m³/hour. Thanks to its centrifugal fan design it’s very quiet compared to other designs. The air purifier has a display that shows the amount of PM2.5 particles, temperature, and humidity. The ring around the display changes color according to the amount of detected PM2.5 particles. The colors follow the European guidelines for healthy indoor air.

The air purifier features automatic speed control, negative ion function, child lock, night mode, and timer mode.

Humidifier with Hygrometer

This humidifier keeps the humidity high in your room of up to 30m². In winter, the air humidity can drop giving you dry skin and dry eyes.

This humidifier features a low and high setting together with night mode and configurable lights with auto shut off when the reservoir is empty. It also comes with an accurate hygrometer to measure the temperature and humidity in the room.


Car Air Purifier

This car air purifier cleans the air from fine dust particles and chemical smells thanks to its HEPA and activated carbon filter. You can activate the UV-C light inside. The air purifier comes with a car mounting kit and a desktop mounting kit.